The Beer Bandit Caper


“Harvey Sawler has captured the ensuing marketing mayhem and media frenzy with a good, light read in The Beer Bandit Caper.” “Sawler’s style is crisp and clean and tastes great … his tongue-in-cheek approach fits the bill and the refills of one-liners will leave the reader grinning into happy hour, but without the hangover.”
- Stephen Clare, the Hfx Daily News

“Sawler does a fine job on The Beer Bandit Caper.”
- Fredericton Daily Gleaner

The Beer Bandit Caper
When trucker Wade Haines embarked on a weekend suffering from a concoction of sleep deprivation, cocaine, rye whiskey and collapsing personal relationships, nothing good was bound to come of it. The 54,000 cans of Spanish-labeled, Mexico-bound Moosehead beer he was supposed to deliver to a depot in Toronto on August 16, 2004, never arrived. Haines went missing. The Mounties hit the trail. And Moosehead’s brand hit unparalleled heights as the media went on an as-yet unabated feeding frenzy.

The Beer Bandit Caper – The Mounties, Their Man and Mexico’s Missing Moosehead chronicles the hilarities, oddities and tragedies of the missing Moosehead saga. From the oft-convicted Haines, to the off-beat defense lawyer, to the off-the-wall story of beer-drinking black bears, to the often-enamored reporters, the wacky New Brunswick heist became the water cooler story of the year. Read for yourself what a total twist the word ‘Cerveza’ can do to what could have been just a passing late summer story of beer, bears and bad decisions.