Guiding Principles and Tools

iImagine approaches all of its consulting work in accordance with a series of the company’s proven, well-founded guiding principles and product development tools and formulas. Whether for tourism development and marketing or strategic planning and community development for any sector, these are the things Harvey thinks about and preaches every day of his working life.



The 12 Essentials of Successful Travel Products

iImagine most diversified experiential planning tool is The 12 Essentials of Essentials of Successful Travel Products, the latest incarnation of a packaging and experiential development tool which has been used effectively and with success in scores of consultative/mentoring situations with clients of all shapes, types and sizes. The 12 Essentials include:




  1. Well-Themed – is the experiential offer clear?
  2. Accessible – is the experience accessible?
  3. The Essence of the Destination – does the experience reflect the destination in tone, flavour and characteristics?
  4. Authenticity – is the experience truly authentic to the culture and the destination?
  5. Sense of Place – is the setting unique or significant culturally, historically or physically?
  6. The Emotional Trigger – does the experience emotionally capture the customer?
  7. Educational – does the experience impart learning in ways that are enjoyable?
  8. Entertaining – does the experience evoke joy and laughter?
  9. Enriching/Rewarding – is the experience personally enriching and does it provide a sense of reward or personal achievement?
  10. Hands-on/Inter-active – is the experience engaging and inter-active?
  11. Value-Added Proposition – does the experience provide an unexpected element of surprise?
  12. Sense of Excitement – is the customer blow away by the experience?